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Works performed as solist


1987: Festival MardelJazz (Argentina) 

1989: Guitar Music (cassette and score book) 

1992: Open Sky (CD released again in 1996, with Marcelo García and "Mono" Hurtado) 

1993: First International Guitar Summit in Buenos Aires

1994: Fourteen Fusion-Guitar etudes (Ricordi) 

1995: Fifth International Festival in Chile -."Guitars of the World" (Argentina). 

1996: Latin American Music in London s (with Lukax Santana, percussion - England) . 

1997: Edenkoben Guitarren Festival (Germany): "Guitars of the world '97" (Argentina) Malmo Guitar Festival    (Suecia) y   Paderborn Guitar Festival (at duo with Marcelo Moguilevsky - Germany) (Alemania)

1998: JAZZPAR Event - (Denmark) With Dino Saluzzi and Erling Kroner - Tribut and Award to Jim Hall.

Some of his compositions have been released in Argentina, Belgium and Japan.  

He is currently recording a new album at duo with multi-instrument player Marcelo Moguilevsky, with special appearence by pianist Carlos "Negro"Aguirre. He lives in Argentina and Europe. 

Special to tanks to Luthier Oscar Trezzini,

Photos: Sabina Alonso (Charango) and Carlos Furman (Guitar)

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